Camera readout vertically! Is it possible?

In most cases, camera reads pixels row by row (horizontally) and transmit values to Jetson.
In the CCD sensor, it is plausible, since CCD sensor have only one row of electron-to-voltage converters.

However, unlike CCD sensor, each pixel of CMOS sensor have it’s own electron-to-voltage converter.
I wonder whether I can read pixels column by column with commercialized CMOS sensors.

Thank you for reading.

Which CSI sensor support vertical readout?

Is there a reason why you want to do this?
How about turning the camera through 90 degrees?

You mean It is impossible because of how CSI readout, not because of CMOS electron-to-voltage converters? I haven’t realize about that…

I want to read horizontally or vertically or mixed way with fixed gadgets. T.T
Thank you for your opinion.

Most of the sensor are scan horizontally I didn’t see a case for vertical scanning.

You can use the nvvidconv flip-method setting in gstreamer to rotate or flip the camera after aquisition, here are the settings available:

flip-method         : video flip methods
                        flags: readable, writable, controllable
                        Enum "GstNvVideoFlipMethod" Default: 0, "none"
                           (0): none             - Identity (no rotation)
                           (1): counterclockwise - Rotate counter-clockwise 90 degrees
                           (2): rotate-180       - Rotate 180 degrees
                           (3): clockwise        - Rotate clockwise 90 degrees
                           (4): horizontal-flip  - Flip horizontally
                           (5): upper-right-diagonal - Flip across upper right/lower left diagonal
                           (6): vertical-flip    - Flip vertically
                           (7): upper-left-diagonal - Flip across upper left/lower right diagonal

Most of the recent CMOS sensors have Column Parallel architecture. Massively parallel ADC array horizontally arranged. Imagine an ADC (or two or three as needed) per column. Hence, the CIS operates in row by row fashion. Each row is read out sequentially.