Camera recording

If I set the save-path of the tools/recorder to a NAS connected by the 10GbE, does camera data get streamed directly to the NAS or is it temporarily stored on the local PX2 eMMC drive first?

I’m looking into overall throughput from Camera to disk.


Dear samrustan,

Could you please change below “path”: “.” -> “path”: “/media” in recorder-config.json file?
The camera data can store the storage directly. Thanks.

Yeah, I got that, Steve ;)

I’m looking into potential bottlenecks for the PX2 when storing data to the NAS.

The GMSL cameras operate at a certain bitrate (3.12 Gbps, I think) and the Ethernet connection is 10Gpbs, but I was experiencing some variations in overall transfer rate from camera to disk.

I’m wanting to know if there have been any studies done with published results of camera data transfer.



Dear samrustan,

Unfortunately, no. However AFAIK it depends on sensor configuration.

Ok, understood and thanks, Steve.

Please consider emailing or making available this type of information if Nvidia ever comes up with some through-put studies based on a “case-study” type sensor configuration or similar.

I know there would be some interest in this based on our customer comments.

Thanks for following-up, we appreciate it!