Camera rotating out of control

When opening Omniverse View the camera rotates continuosly out of control. It just keeps spinning forever. It stops when pressing F key, but just a moment, and then it resumes spinning again.

What am I doing wrong?

Do you have a gamepad or controller of some sort connected to your PC? If so, try unplugging it.

Nothing at all. Just my keyboard and a mouse

Hi @rogeliocarballo! I have directed the View team to this forum post. In the meantime, can we have some more information so that we can troubleshoot this?

What is your Computer Environment (OS, GPU, GPU Driver)?
What is the version of the app you are running?
Does this happen every time you launch View?
Can you send over your console logs?

I’ve just installed omniverse and the connection with Archicad. Therefore I’m on the latest version both View and Nvidia drivers.

My environment is Windows 10 64 pro, 16gb, gtx 3060 ti and a i7 3770k

It happens everytime I launch Omniverse View. No matter if it’s an empty project or a live sync with the Archicad connection engaged.

Give me instructions where and how to get a log and I’ll attached it

Hi @rogeliocarballo! I have directed the View development team to this post.

Glad to know. I’m still unable to do anything with these issue

Any news about this issue?

It’s been a while since I asked about this issue. Today I gave it another try with no success at all. Same thing.

Any news about this?

Hello @rogeliocarballo! I wanted to check in with you. Do you still have the camera rotation issue? I know that some USB devices, such as a game pad controllers, can cause this problem when it is plugged in.

Hi. Yes, I still have the problem, so it’s unusable for me. No usb device attached while running omniverse. There are controllers on the background, but nothing attached.

Maybe we can set a shared screen videocall if you want to check it out

I am so sorry you are having this problem. I want to make sure we get this addressed so that other people don’t have the same problem. I forwarded this issue to our technical team to help troubleshoot the problem.

@rogeliocarballo -
One possible issue could be the attachment of an USB or PS2 external device (gamepad, joystick, etc), but you stated that this is not the case. So lets start with looking at some log information. Can you zip up the contents of the “logs” folder on your PC?

Located here:


Here it is. Hope it helps (1.9 MB)

@rogeliocarballo -
Thanks for the logs. Cannot see anything obvious, but still looking at them.

Can you try and update to the latest View. An update should be available now. Open the Launcher and update “View Beta”. This has many improvements as well as more logging. If the problem persists with the new version, can i get another log dump?

New View Beta installed, with no success at all. Camera spins out of control as before. I even try unplugging my mouse just in case…

Just as a test, can you install “Create”, then create a new asset like a cube and see of the camera is moving?

I’ve installad Create, launch it, and as soon as it starts camera starts to spin. I can stop it temporarily while I keep pressing F repeteadly. Created a cube mesh but same behaviour.

Would you like to try a remote desktop session and see it yourself?

Sorry, mate. It seems I deleted last message.

I was saying I live in Spain (spanish as you would have guess, can’t disguise my poor english), My timezone is GMT+2 (summer time). It’s ok a teams call, or maybe I can arrange a Zoom meeting (I’ve got a pro account).

You tell me.

@rogeliocarballo - Based on our debug, we have found that some type of corruption happened during the install. But we found that by starting View from the command line with the following solved your issue --reset-user

In addition, after doing this once from the command line you can now start View from the Launcher and the spinning camera issue is now resolved.

I will pursue with development on the root cause of this issue.