Camera rotating out of control

When opening Omniverse View the camera rotates continuosly out of control. It just keeps spinning forever. It stops when pressing F key, but just a moment, and then it resumes spinning again.

What am I doing wrong?

Do you have a gamepad or controller of some sort connected to your PC? If so, try unplugging it.

Nothing at all. Just my keyboard and a mouse

Hi @rogeliocarballo! I have directed the View team to this forum post. In the meantime, can we have some more information so that we can troubleshoot this?

What is your Computer Environment (OS, GPU, GPU Driver)?
What is the version of the app you are running?
Does this happen every time you launch View?
Can you send over your console logs?

I’ve just installed omniverse and the connection with Archicad. Therefore I’m on the latest version both View and Nvidia drivers.

My environment is Windows 10 64 pro, 16gb, gtx 3060 ti and a i7 3770k

It happens everytime I launch Omniverse View. No matter if it’s an empty project or a live sync with the Archicad connection engaged.

Give me instructions where and how to get a log and I’ll attached it

Hi @rogeliocarballo! I have directed the View development team to this post.

Glad to know. I’m still unable to do anything with these issue

Any news about this issue?