Camera rotating out of control

FYI. This issue reappeared after restarting my pc. So it’s a recurring issue.

I tried to restart view with the command line, with no success.

Create is behaving the same


@rogeliocarballo -
Just to be clear, you did the one time “ --reset-user” and it did not work?
Can you do the same reset user on the Create App? Use the startup file

omni.create.bat --reset-user

The situation right now is:

I’ve just installed newest versions of create and view, 2021.3.1
Create is working perfectly.
View needs to be reset every time. There’s a cycle that goes 1. You reset view, it works. Close it. 2. Launch view, camera spinning. 3. Reset view and it works again. 4. Launch view normally, camera spinning…