Camera RTP stream

Hi all,

Recently I set up my Xavier AGX with

Jetpack : 4.5.1
cuDNN: 8.0
CUDA: 10.2
Opencv: 4.1.1

I have connected my NVIDIA board with an IP camera and which gives out RTP stream.

I wanted to know if there is a way to read that RTP stream using OpenCV.
Any assistance with regards to this would be greatly appreciated.

You can try VLC player on your phone to be the client first, as a test. Next if you are using a compute platform that can install gstreamer, you can use that to get the frames. You’d need to use gstreamer with the RDP source as the source in your gstreamer pipeline, then I think some decoding needs to be done then you’d have the image you can process. Once that is done you can use opencv on that image if you’d like.

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