Camera selection advice GSML or IP

I will soon be purchasing some video cameras to use with a Xavier NX. I’m hoping someone might be able to offer some advice on whether IP cameras or GSML would better suit my application.

We will be installing 4 cameras on a vehicle for remote monitoring. At some point the video will need to be compressed so it can be streamed over the internet, probably in H264 encoding. Minimizing the overall latency from the camera to the user at the other end of the internet connection is important. The operator will be using feedback from the video to control vehicle functions.

Will there be any difference in video compression latency depending on whether it is done by the Xavier NX or at the camera itself?

It’s likely that we will also want to display the video locally (in addition to streaming over the internet).

At this stage there is no plan to do any type of object detection, image classification, etc on the video, but it would be good to keep this option open.

The cable length limitation of GSML is restrictive for our application. Our vehicles are quite large, and some cable runs need to be able to flex to accommodate movement. So unless there are significant benefits in GMSL we would be leaning towards IP cameras.

Please consult with camera partner.

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