Camera sensor maximum wait time for first frame, L4T32.6.1


I’m working with L4T32.6.1 and I wanted to confirm if the set_mode_delay_ms device tree property can actually be used with sensors with a slow startup sequence.

Does it have any influence in the way nvarguscamerasrc / nvargus-daemon behaves during a capture?

We’ve dealing with all sort of timeout issues as described in this forum entry and just wanted to confirm if this property might improve the overall stability of the capture.


hello diego.chaverri,

may I know what’s the actual use-case, are you going through nvarguscamerasrc?
there’s tolerance in camera stack to have waiting SOF for 2500ms, it’ll still report timeout failure if the start-of-frame arrived beyond this limitation.

for the testing purpose, you may configure InfiniteTimeout=1 before running nvargus-daemon. here’re sample commands for your reference,

$ sudo pkill nvargus-daemon
$ export enableCamInfiniteTimeout=1
$ sudo nvargus-daemon

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