Camera shake

Is there any easy way to add camera shake animation in the Omniverse composer itself?

This would be a real easy python script / extension to write. Can you tell me a little about what you are wanting to use this for and what you expect to happen before I see if I can do it?

Is this to lo look like a human is carrying it and just not holding it still, or do you want it to look more like an earth quake or bombs are shaking the ground?

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For me its the first option, but procedural and controllable amount of animation noise is kind of more preferable…

OK, I will play around with this afternoon and see if I can come up with anything.

Hi @Aqualonix and @DataJuggler !
I would be also very interested in the procedural noise of the camera. Looking forward to hear news from ya!

I got busy yesterday afternoon. I will try today.

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Any hope?

I have some time this weekend. I tried to open my project Camera Keys, and I guess I am getting old because I forgot how to open my own project in VS Code.

I have a bunch of time this weekend, so let me see if I can get it updated.

Sorry, I have too many projects and things I want to learn.

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