Camera streaming failure on Orin NX

Please try nvargus-daemon infinite timeout.

sudo service nvargus-daemon stop
sudo enableCamInfiniteTimeout=1 nvargus-daemon
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No luck with infinite timeout.

infinitetimeout-kernel (2.2 MB)
infinitetimeout-gstreamer (2.8 KB)
infinitetimeout-argus (4.7 KB)

Also confirmed the new binary is in use with it’s md5sum:

md5sum /usr/lib/ 
6559d04a7084e9fea94b426060278440  /usr/lib/

Do there have ISP overrides file at /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/?
Please enable the log in nvargus-daemon to get more informaiton.

Looks like the control_point_* have problem.
Please reference to below to modify it.

The control point values were the problem, we now have streaming images! Thank you.
We had a curve sized for 20 bit images but our camera outputs 16 bit (12 bit companded).

Would have been nice if there was a more clear error message that helped us identify this problem a bit faster :)

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