Camera video0 Open failed

Hi,dear surppot team
I think I need some help,I failed to bring up the CPHY device for 2X3 trios.
The following is the kernel log and Camera dtsi
klog_8192x3072.txt (86.6 KB)
tegra234-camera-dsv300-a00-cameraA.dtsi (8.8 KB)
Please give me some debugging suggestions and directions, thank you very much

Don’t support 2x3 trios configure.
Please modify the bus-width to 3 to try 3 trios.


hello ShaneCCC,
I understand that the 2x3 trios configuration is not officially supported,But I learned that VI module has gang mode, JerryChang said “truth is… we did not test gang mode with CPHY sensors before.
it shall works, since it uses the common VI driver for operations.” So we’re trying to bring it up

You may miss understand the gang mode.
The gang mode is merge two physical input sources to merge to one larger memory buffer.

If your device able output two 3 trios as individual source then I would suggest to confirm both two 3 trios CPHY working well first the try the gang mode.

yes It is,my device able output two 3 trios as individual source,and I have test the device,both two 3 trios CPHY working well.

OK, please print the message to confirm the gang mode was enable in channel.c

I print debug message in function << update_gang_mode();>>, gang mode was enabled,
chan->gang_mode = CAMERA_GANG_L_R;

Suppose you need dig more information for the failed.

the first err:

arm-smmu 10000000.iommu: Unhandled context fault: fsr=0x80000402, iova=0x7ffc000000, fsynr=0x350010, cbfrsynra=0x4, cb=1

what is the meaning?I’m not very familar with the SDK

Looks like vi5 have problem to support gang mode.

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