Camera view blocked by object

I have an animated camera that have its view blocked by an object, eg a building, when it moves into it. Is there a way to avoid having an object block a camera? I want to see the the object in the scene, but do not want it to block the camera’s view.
Please advise, thanks.

Hello @qazs! I am looking into this for you! I’ll reply back when I have more information!

Can you show us what your issue is with some pictures? I don’t really understand your issue.

Have attached a file to demonstrate the problem. When the camera is animating, there’s a point in time it moves into the cube and has it’s view blocked. The workaround is I can set the visibility of the cube to 0 when it clashes with the camera, and make it visible again when the camera moves away, but I hope there’s a better way.
CameraBlocked.usd (5.3 KB)