Camera with external trigger on L4T 32.4.3


I am using TX2 module and lately switched to L4T 32.4.3 (kernel 4.9) and handling of camera with external trigger (frames are triggered externally in arbitrary moments of time) seems to not work. Before, I used kernel 4.4 and it seemed to work without issues.

It seems that if the driver waits 200ms and within this time frame is not received, it times out and attempts recovery. So basically there is a recovery procedure triggered every 200ms, and if the external trigger is asserted at that time, the frame will be missed.

[   82.644433] tegra-vi4 PXL_SOF syncpt timeout! err = -11
[   82.650795] tegra-vi4 tegra_channel_error_recovery: attempting to reset the capture channel

Do you know if I can make vi4 waiting indifinitely for a frame? Is externally triggered camera supported by L4T for TX2?

Thank you,

Current r32 release BSP not support trigger mode only support streaming mode.
This feature are plan in future release can’t make sure when. I would suggest to try streaming mode to implement the driver first.