Camera with hight frame rate and fast analog output for jetson Nano

My question has two components:

  1. Is it possible to grab a frame from a camera (let say with 250 fps) and calculate MTF with the same rate? I don’t need to save the pictures.
  2. What hardware do I need for deterministically convertion of a value of MTF (or another function) to voltage (0-5V, 12bit for example). Will MCP4802 DAC work over SPI (it is fast, but what about timing jitter)? Can you give me some links to get into the using Jetson Nano for fast analog output (250 Hz).

Is this possible to grab picture, calculate and get the analog signal with 250 Hz, 4 ms per frame? I am not familiar with machine vision so far, and it seems for me very fast, but perhaps it is already a wide spreaded application.

What’s is MTF? For camera it depend on the resolution. for 250 fps maybe 640x480 should be able support.

Modulation transfer function, or as alternative for it, just a contrast of a grabbed picture. Yes it is ok, if only a part of a picture will be grabbed (better without a pixel binnig, to save the sensor resolution), this is a goal of me. But the important question is still, how to convert a calculated value (contrast) into a fast voltage output signal? I will very appreciate the answer!

I don’t have idea for this too.

Thank you very much for quick response, Shane.
What is about this module?

It seems to be compatible with Jetson and have good performance

I don’t have experience for this device. It’s better to consult with vendor to confirm it.