Camera wont start capture

I am getting several errors when trying to run camera apps on the DPX2 AutoChauffeur using PDK 4.1.
The setup is as follows:
-Tegra-B is running PDK 4.1.8
-Tegra-A is running PDK 4.1.8
-Aurix version is 4.2.2
-Camera sensor used: Continental SVC, connected to camera group A, connection 0.
-The display is connected through HDMI.
Command I am running is:
“./nvmimg_cc -wrregs e2379_c01/dvp_m_ov10640_raw12_1280x1084_ab_ta.script -d 0 -w 1 -sensor ov10640 -agl 8 -ags 8 -agvs 8 -cgl 1 -cgvs 1”
The error message is:
“nvmedia: ERROR: _CaptureThreadFunc: keep failing at NvMediaICPGetFrameEx for 11 times”

Dear OmarAlfarouk.Alhaffar,

Could you please update DPX2 AutoChauffeur PDK to
PDK 4.1 version is old. I successfully ran the application with same command on PDK Thanks.
./nvmimg_cc -wrregs drive-px2-a/dvp_m_ov10640_raw12_1280x1084_ab_ta.script -d 0 -w 1 -sensor ov10640 -agl 8 -ags 8 -agvs 8 -cgl 1 -cgvs 1