Camera working sporadically with the sample driveworks binary

We are using DrivePx Autochauffer. I am trying to execute the DrivePx sample binary for multiple gsml camera.
We observe the software works properly sometimes and sporadically throws an error as show below.

I tried executing this with both sektronics and ov10640-svc210 cameras. Both work with the sample binary sporadically.

  • Command executed:
  • sameple_camera_multiple_gmsl --type-ab=ar0231 --selector-mask=0001
  • We get a response of
  • nvmedia: error: SetupVIdeoLink: Can’t detect config link(2)
    nvmedia: error: Init: Failed to setup video link

    Driveworks exception thrown: DW_SAL_CANNOT_CREATE_SENSOR

    We are interested in knowing the reason behind this error, and we are also looking for solutions to get rid of this error.

    Hi Ashwin,

    it seems the Aurix is in a bad state when executing the sample and responsible for the error. Therefore the deserializer is not able to initialize properly.

    This can happen if you kill your apps using Ctrl+C or not deinitializing everything after use.

    To have a closer look at the Aurix, could you please log your history of commands and send us minimal sample code to reconstruct?

    • Fabian