Can 3.10 kernel be ported to support AP33

My question is very simple can 3.10 L4T for cardhu be ported to support AP33 I know I have to do it myself but anybody just tell me what to do ?

I don’t think there is an official 3.10 L4T kernel for Cardhu. However a long time ago I once tried their official 3.4 L4T R17 kernel once released for Dalmore aka T40 on Cardhu and it worked surprisingly well including graphics/multimedia functionality. While that release disappeared from their L4T overview page the release itself is still there ( I never tried any later L4T kernels though. Alternatively you may try mainline however their proprietary graphics/multimedia stack won’t be compatible.

But that’s for T33 I want to back port it to support AP33 as I think only components must be changed to do that

I need it for tegra 3 AP33