Can a 7 or 5 inch USB monitor with R-touch or C-touch be used with Nano

Does Nano support off-the-shelf capacitive or resistive touch screen USB monitors, such Mimo or a like?

Hi, from hw side it is supported as Nano support standard USB device.

BeadaPanel for NVIDIA Jetson Dev. Board


I assume I am missing a driver or so. I ordered one of the display on the provided link;

Plugged to NANO with its USB cable, but it only displays the text, no graphics at all. Simultaneously the Nano is connected to a HDMI that shows graphics and text. Disconnecting the HDMI has not changes on the USB display.
Any idea?

Some configurations needed for first connect up. Please read this guide on product wiki page–>

Hi, the S/W team checked this info and they had followed this webpage for every steps. It did not work for vnc viewer mode. It went directly to a console terminal. Any idea?

Though you should ask for help on their support forum
But here is a first step to check if usb communication success between 2 peers, you can try ssh to beadapanel from jetson nano–>