Can Adaptive Power Management automatically switch to Optimal Power on critical battery?


I just created an account for this, I’m probably in the wrong place but I didn’t want to bother the support people.
I noticed my computer will shut down after about 2 hours of gaming under heavy load (temps aren’t an issue, battery is in moderate health) when using Adaptive under Power Management in the Nvidia control panel. Windows and Acer’s built-in battery settings had no noticeable effect, but the problem can be fixed, I found, after grievous trial and error, by switching the power management setting to Optimal Power. The laptop (A Predator 17X, fairly nice one even after a few years) no longer draws extra power from the battery during gaming on AC power, but my frame rate has suffered. If you changed the way the Adaptive setting works to automatically switch to Optimal Power when the battery’s low, it would allow my games to run smoothly whilst also preventing unexpected shutdowns. Sometimes Windows fails to provide the low battery popup, and subpar performance and losing a bunch of progress without warning are both annoying, so please, help a brother out.


Hello zachk1114, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

If I understand correctly, you are suggesting a change to how we handle power profiles in the NVIDIA control panel?

I will try to pass on your suggestion to the development teams.

Meanwhile I suggest you have a look on the GeForce forums to see if other people have faced similar issues and found viable workarounds.