can anybody give me a copy of ov5693's datasheet?

now the ov5693’s raw data is bayer format,my project use grey format.After quickly review ov5693’s

driver code,I can’t found a way to let ov5693 to monochrome mode.

I can’t get the datasheet from the omnivision,so can give me a copy of ov5693’s datasheet,or show

some register’s value to change ov5693 to monochrome mode?

Devkit onboard ov5693 has Omnivision CMOS and made bySUNNY wrapper that consists of lens and cables.
Moreover, omnivision, actually provides somewhat brief pdf :

Not really a datasheet, though. More like a marketing pamphlet. eems a bit ridiculous that NVidia Dev kit contains closed hardware with no datasheet. Not really geared towards developers at all…

EDIT: I shouldn’t say “no datasheet”, since there must be one, but you have to sign an Omnivision NDA to get it.

It seems omnivision don’t want to share their pdf.just give us a marketing pamphlet.

may be.

not the exact model though
However, the following seems to be an exact match, though requiring authorization with baidu system for download.
OV5693_COB_(rev 3A)_DS_2.21_WPI [(1668.8K) and approximately 170 pages]can be found here: 百度文库

I quickly read the OV5693_COB_(rev 3A)_DS_2.21_WPI,there hasn’t a easy way to let ov5693 to monochrome mode.Not like ar0134,i just change a bit of one register.

may be ov5693 is not designed for monochrome mode.

waiting for our redesigned base board…

I should pay more attention to gstreamer, videotestsrc can do this,if you just want a gray8 format output!

additional information on ov5693:



Hi XuXiang,
Could you provide link to download OV5693 datasheet, I cannot login to Baidu to get data.
Thank in advance.
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check this
though that is a different model
ov5647_full.pdf (2.41 MB)

Dear Andrey1984,
Thank for your sharing.
How about ov5693 datasheet? Do you have this one?
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that one?
source: (1.44 MB)
OV5693_COB_DS_datasheet.pdf (1.55 MB)

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try the attachments at the post above

Dear Andrey1984,
Thank you so much, you are very kind.