Can anyone recommend a debugger to work with PGF?


there are now a number of debugging tools available for working with CUDA. Has anyone out there any experience of which ones work best with the Portland Fortran CUDA models (eg. Allinea DDT, Totalview etc.)?

Any advice greatly appreciated,


Hi Rob,

Both Allinea and Totalview have or are just about to release debuggers for CUDA C. We have a good working relationship with both companies and hopefully in the future add support for CUDA Fortran.

Currently you can debug CUDA Fortran code in emulation mode using PGDBG.

  • Mat

Thanks for the update Mat. I’ll look forward to hearing when either are working with cuda fortran…


Support for Device Emulation mode is removed in CUDA 3.1. I’m not sure if CUDA Fortran can still use it.


I’m not sure if CUDA Fortran can still use it.

We still support emulation mode in CUDA Fortran.

  • Mat

Hi Mat,
Are there any news? I read that pgidbg now supports debugging of CUDA-x86 applications, but not debugging a GPU device. This month’s PGI Insider Newletter lists “Debugging CUDA C/C++/Fortran Applications with Allinea DDT” as one of the next issue highlights: Does that mean that DDT will support debugging of CUDA Fortran apllications on GPUs soon?
Cheers, Sandra

Hi Sandra,

The Allinea paper will be on debugging CUDA Fortran in emulation mode (i.e. using OpenMP on the host), not debugging on the device.

Unfortunately, on device debugging is a huge project that’s still a very long way off.