can build samples, but CANNOT create cuda project on CUDA Runtime


i installed win10+vs2015+CUDA9.2 successfully weeks ago, and created some cuda projects and ran properly. However, today when i created a new cuda project xxxx on CUDA9.2 Runtime, i got error:

Failed to create project.
Unable to read project file “xxxx.vcxproj”

Then i did these check:

  1. Opene some cuda samples and my older cuda project, and they could be rebuilt and ran properly.
  2. Create blank c++ project, and add a cuda c/c++ file “”. BuildDependancy -> build customizations -> check “cuda9.2(.targets,props)”. Right click “”, Properties -> General -> Item Type -> select “cuda c/c++”. Copy some codes from sample files, and it could be build properly.

Now could anyone tell me what is wrong with it? Maybe it is because recently i installed vs2010 ?

In addition, i have another question: when i open sample project, i found under buid customizations there are “cuda9.2(.targets,props)” and “cuda9.2(.targets)”, and the default checked one is “cuda9.2(.targets)”. What is the difference?