Can Bus Bringup on Jetson SoM

Hi All

The CAN Interface using MCP was done successfully on Jetson Development Kit using the post shared earlie.r Now i am looking to interface the MCP CAN Module to a Jetson SoM(production Module) with eMMC using JETSON_IO_BASE_A Carrier board. i have flashed the image from SDK manager and have installed 32.5.1 version. The present issue is that iam not able to open the Jetson IO Tool to follow the steps as done with development kit(solution shared by shgarg and using seeedstudio files).
Can you please suggest some steps on how to do the interface with the production module and the carrier board(and is compatible with the developer kit).
Thanks for your support

hello philip.samuel,

please access pinmux spreadsheets, and you’ll need to check pinmux changes session for instructions to change the pinmux configuration applied by the software.

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