Can bus channels on AGX Orin

I’m wondering how many can bus channels exist on this new AGX Orin? Any CANFD? I’m guessing there is no Can transceiver on the board?
Any software support for can bus interface?

I found it in the datasheet:
The NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin SOM supports connectivity to two CAN networks.
Features of CAN are:
 CAN protocol Version 2.0A, Version 2.0B, and ISO 11898-1:2006/11898-1:2015
 Support ISO11898-1:2006 FD format and BOSCH FD format
 Dual clock source, enabling FM-PLL designs
 16, 32, 64 or 128 Message Objects (configurable)
 Each Message Object has its own Identifier mask
 Programmable FIFO mode
 Programmable loop-back mode for self-test
 Parity check for message RAM (optional)
 Maskable interrupt, two interrupt lines
 Power-down support
 Supports TT CAN
 TTCAN Level 0, 1, and 2
 Time Mark Interrupts
 Stopwatch
 Watchdog timer
 Synchronization to external events

But to be honest two can bus channels is not enough for many real time applications!, two channels is as good as one! I hope Nvidia adds more can bus channels in its future products, instead of having so many useless input/outputs which we barely use, having a few more can bus channels(at least 4) can drastically reduce the development time for many robotics applications.

Another question I had is that if these can bus ports or other ports like I2C have direct access to the GPU memory? or CPU is handling everything between ports and GPU? If using these port we could directly read and write on the GPU memory it would very helpful in Sim2Real applications.

Hi, as you already saw in the datasheet, Orin supports two CAN networks. You can refer to TRM for more info about this.

Thanks! yeah I found it, I wish there was at least 4 channels on it.

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