CAN Bus Not In /dev

I am using a CAN library for a specific device that looks for the CAN device in /dev. After following these steps on setting up the CAN controller the CAN network shows up when I use dmesg and ifconfig, but I still do not see any CAN devices in /dev. Are there steps that are missing in the response to that post on how to setup the CAN device so that it appears in /dev?

Hi nick,
CAN driver does not create a character device node /dev/ for can.
Why do you need /dev/ to use can exposed to network?
You can directly use can0 ,can1 nodes from can-utils as mentioned in the link you shared.



It seems that the CAN library from the company whose device we are trying to communicate with uses file reading/writing to the device file. So their library as is will not work if there is no device file for the CAN bus. I could rework their software to use SocketCAN, but I would like to avoid this if possible to save development time. If the CAN driver does not currently create a character device node, then it seems that I will need to move forward with using SocketCAN.