Can Bus on Xavier takes a long time to come up after boot

I’ve enabled the CAN GPIO by following instructions from .

However I’ve noticed that the CAN interfaces take a good 2 minutes more than the other network interfaces to come up. I can ssh in and still have to wait for a minute or two before the CAN interface comes up.

Is there an reason for this delay? Can we do something to eliminate\reduce this?


Can you please provide more details on the issue?
How are you loading CAN on network?
Are there any other applications running? and please provide terminal outputs. It will help debug the issue.


Sorry abt the broken link, Fixed and updated in edit. I’ve followed instructions from and setup my rc.local to bring up the CAN terminals on boot.

There are no other applications running.

Is there a specific terminal output you’re interested in? I don’t get any errors, I notice a significant delay (1-2 mins) for the CAN interfaces to come up as compared to the WIFI interface or the Ethernet interface to come up.


I have followed exact same steps from . CAN gets loaded as soon as system boot up. I did not see any delay in CAN network up.
Can you please tell which OS you are flashing? is it Linux?
which Jetpack version is getting flashed?


Yes, this is with a Jetson Xavier running Ubuntu 18.04, kernel version 4.9.140-tegra, L4T version R32 (release), REVISION: 2.3, Jetpack version v.4.2.3.

I don’t know if this changes anything, but as part of our setup we have an additional PCIE card with 4 extra can ports, but all of them come up at the same time, and they all take ~2 mins to come up after a boot.


Can you once try manually without putting commands in rc.local and check which command is taking long time?
Run all the set of commands which you have added in rc.local one by one and see which one is taking long time.
Let me know the results.