CAN Bus Pins on TX1 Module

Can anyone confirm or deny if the CAN pins on the TX1 module are available? I can see from the schematic that they are brought out to J26 of the NVIDIA carrier board. But the OEM product design guide has those module pins (D18 et al) listed as “RSVD”.

I would like to connect the TX1 to 2 different CAN buses but I’m not sure if these pins are really there or not.

They are not available in TX1 and are reserved for potential future use. Please leave them as no-connect in TX1 designs.

Hi James,

to use the CAN bus on the Jetson TX1 you could use the J120 carrier board from auvidea, this have a CAN bus onboard. Maybe it would help.



I see that CAN is now listed for the specs of the TX2?

Can someone confirm that these pins are available to use?

Those pins work on TX2, assuming you can figure out how to get the driver to load.