CAN bus RX buffer overflow / skipped CAN messages

We are experience issues indicating a buffer overflow, resulting in missing CAN messages. This is tested with a USB Peak CAN device (PCAN-USB-FD).

Moving the CAN interrupts to another CPU, as described in this post, does help but still, there are some skipping messages.

(using Jetpack 4.6)

So, is it possible to increase the RX-buffer?

Any ideas on that topic?

Please check if can gain some ideas from CAN Transceivers on Jetson AGX Xavier - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson AGX Xavier - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Is there any specific error message to share?

After executing the command:

ip -details -statistics link show can1

the RX overruns are > 0 ( in fact after running a can-application sending can-messages to the can-port can1 for a few minutes

So is there a way to configure the RX-buffer?

Could you also try rel-32.7.1?