CAN cannot work after installing ubuntu

Hello there,

We installed Ubuntu but the CAN cannot work. I tried to locate jetson-xavier.conf to config it following However, I cannot locate the file.

Any advice will be appreciated.


Hi 1262330207,

There is a “.” at your URL, you should be able to see if by deleting the “.” at your link.


Hi kayccc,

Sorry about the misleading URL. In fact, I can open the page. However, I cannot locate the jetson-xavier.conf in my Ubuntu on the AGX Xavier device. Hence, I cannot follow the instruction in the page.

Could you please tell me any alternative method?


About the URL of your original post: Hover your mouse over the upper right corner quote mark of the post. Notice a pencil icon shows up…click that to edit. Highlight the URL with your mouse, but do not use the ending “period”…then click the URL icon in upper right (looks like a chain link). Save, and the URL should be good.

The file “jetson-xavier.conf” would be in the “Linux_for_Tegra/” subdirectory. This directory is created by the driver package, and if you use JetPack or SDK Manager, then this would automatically be installed somewhere within that. If you find the “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory, then the file you want should be there.