Can Clara train SDK support up-to-date MONAI framework?

I used latest github repository of clara-train-examples to run clara train sdk container.
And I found that the default MONAI version in that container is 0+unknown.
When I update the version from 0+unknown to up-to-date 0.7.0 and use 3D slicer to trigger AIAA segmentation,
I got the following error.

[ERROR] (aiaa.www.api.api_v1) - got unexpected datatype FP64 from numpy array, expected FP32

Do you have plan to update MONAI framework version to 0.7.0 in Clara train SDK?

Thanks for your interest in Clara Train SDK.
Clara train v4.0 is based of monai 0.5. Unfortunately, you can’t just update the monai package in the container as there were breaking changes starting monai 0.6.
We are working on a new release of clara train v4.1 which would have the latest monai. Clara train 4.1 is scheduled for end of the year. So please stay tuned

Hope this helps