Can CUDA graph include kernels from cudnnConvolutionForward?

Hi, I’m trying to optimize my CNN using CUDA graph API but an error occurs when cudnnConvolutionForward is invoked in the capturing stream.

(I’m using Titan Xp with CUDA 10.1 and cuDNN 7.6.5.)

I found from cuda-gdb that cudaBindTexture, one of the deprecated functions of texture reference API, is called from cudnnConvolutionForward.

As written in the CUDA runtime API document, kernels in CUDA graph are not allowed to use any texture reference API.

If my gdb results are true, is it possible to make CUDA graph with cuDNN convolutions?

If not, do cuDNN developers have any plan to replace such texture reference API with texture object API?



Currently CUDA graph with cuDNN convolution is not support. May be in future release that support may be added.
Please stay tuned.


Thanks for your reply. I’ll try this again when the next cuDNN release becomes available.