Can cuda nvcc use precompiled headers from other compilers like gcc?

Hello, I was having some weird issues today while trying to use boost asio with cmake. I was getting a lot of compilation errors, here, so I decided to create a dummy target in c++ that has the headers, and share the precompiled headers with cuda target so cuda doesn’t have to compile the headers, and instead will use the already compiled headers. The cmake code looks like this

add_library(pch src/pch.cpp)
target_precompile_headers(pch PUBLIC src/pch.h)

add_executable(Milkshake ... )
target_precompile_headers(Milkshake REUSE_FROM pch)

However it appears that nvcc is still trying to compile the boost headers, does nvcc not allow precompiled headers or is there some issue with how my cmake file is setup?