Can CUDA run a Windows .exe file/program ?

I figured not so, but worth doing a check here:

  • I run the ‘ARC’ compression code from via a .exe file/program under Windows 7, 64bit.

  • Started some light reading on CUDA, which looks quite interesting. Don’t know C++, but I do know programming.

  • So, question is: Is there any feasible/practical way to have the .exe code run on CUDA/GPU processor(s) ?

  • Don’t know how much, if any parallelism could be done here, as I won’t be able to recompile the actual source code, but it would still be of benefit to have the task run on the GPU instead of the CPU.

  • Looking for ways to reduce the workload on my CPU and some sort of offloading of this to the GPU would be quite nice :biggrin:

In a short: No, developers of this particular software need to re-write it, to be able to run on GPU.

Ok, thought that might be the case. Thx for responding…

Anyways, compression is not a task that GPU solve very well.
Compression is by nature higly serial. However some people has investegated a bit into this area: