CAN data does not show up at Tegra on PX2 AutoCruise

I try to get radar data from my Continental ARS 404-21 device via CANbus to my Tegra at Drive PX2 AutoCruise.
Drive Foundation is v5.0.10.3
Driveworks is v1.2.400.
According to the mechanical installation doc, table2 plug CAN-1 is assigned to Tegra CAN 0 and CAN-2 goes to Tegra CAN 1.
So I have my CAN terminated (120 Ohm at both ends) cable connected to plug labelled CAN-A and the other end connected to my Continental ARS 404-21 radar box.
I have seen in the DriveWorks doc, that this type of radar device is not supported, only ARS430 and ARS430 CAN, but I would have hoped, that after configuring can0 with

sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate 500000
sudo ip link set can0 up

my sudo cansniffer can0 command would show any data, but the terminal remains black.

I know, the radar device and the CAN cable work correctly, so is it just the wrong device, or have I missed something else?

Can someone please give me support on CAN diagnostics?

Dear @hermann.fuerntratt,
I could see this RADAR is not part of supported sensor list driveworks. Also, There is no custom radar support in DW 1.2. Note that all DRIVE SW releases are targetted for DRIVE AGX platform. Please consider upgrade to DRIVE AGX if possible if to get latest releases.

Thank you for clarification. What I still don’t understand is, why candump does not get any CAN data. Where does the data flow stop? If I configure can0 as a loopback device, I see CAN data send with cansend.