Can DeepStream 3.0 dump video periodically

I am new to Deep Stream SDK 3.0 on Jetson. I want to read live video stream and write 10 minutes chunk of the video stream into a new mp4 file every 10 minutes. How should I approach this? What elements should I use in the pipeline to dump the streams?
I have the sample application (deepstream_sdk_on_jetson\sources\apps\sample_apps\deepstream-app) inferencing on multiple camera feeds. I simply need to dump the videos without the detection. So this needs to happen upstream in the pipeline, closer to the source.
FYI, when I try to dump the entire video stream from the camera into a file, by setting the last sink output-file in the config file, it created a very small .mp4 file that cannot be opened.

Thanks in advance.

You may modify the code to replace [qtmux ! filesink] with splitmuxsink.

Can you please let me know where in the code [qtmux ! filesink] exist? It’s not in DeepStream 3.0 deepstream-app.c

It is at