Can DeepStream receive user input and send the output to the user like flask?

I want to make an application using DeepStream, and what I want to do is that receiving video from the user as the input and send the output to the user. Is it possible? If so, does anyone can explain briefly about the process? I am the beginner of deepstream, so I know very little about it.

May I know what kind of video from the user as input? We support kinds of sources,
1: Camera (V4L2)
2: URI
3: MultiURI
5: Camera (CSI) (Jetson only)
details see this online doc,
about output, we support these types:
1: Fakesink
2: EGL based windowed sink (nveglglessink)
3: Encode + File Save (encoder + muxer + filesink)
4: Encode + RTSP streaming
5: Overlay (Jetson only)
6: Message converter + Message broker
please check details here,

introduction about deepstream,

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