Can either use single monitor with all X Server options or use both with limited settings

I have an Asus ROG Strix G15(GL531GT) paired with a Gigabyte G24F monitor running EndeavourOS.
I’ve been trying to play games using proton but I get a black screen whenever in fullscreen mode while the games keep running and sound is playing. Whenever I press the menu button on keyboard and the menu overlay pops up I can see the game running nice and fluid in the background but black screen when I turn the menu off and switch back to the game. One solution I came across was to enable “Forced Fullscreen Pipelining” but my X-Server shows limited options unless I generate a xorg.conf file but when I do so, I can only use my laptop display while my external monitor turns black with a cross when I move my cursor to the external display. I have gone through a lot of forums and tried many solutions but nothing gave me X-Server provide all options with both displays (in-build and external) working together. Please let me know what additional information do I need to share in order to solve this issue.