can files from a camera be passed to cuda without sayving them on disk

Hello all,

I am developping an application that needs to take pictures at a over 100frames/second, do some image processing on the pictures with cuda and deliver an output. My question is, can i process the files that i get from the camera with cuda, without saving them on the disk, because the goal would be to do the image processing in real-time, and it obviously would be faster to do it without saving first the images on the disk.

i am new to cuda, so any information on this subject would be very useful.

thank-you in advance for your reply.

Well, if you’re capturing the images from a camera connected to the computer, you don’t need to save them to the disk at all. Whatever software you write to interface with the camera will grab the image and store it in memory, then immediately transfer that image/memory to your CUDA device, compute, then transfer the calculated data back to the host. At that point, you can do whatever you like with the results.

Look for the BoxFilter SDK sample which I modified to work with live video. It is here on these forums.…=64&t=77877

If your video capture device does 100FPS, then the BoxFilter will do it as well ;)


thanks a lot!

Thanks Christian, but I am actually using Ubuntu. Are you by any chance preparing a linux version of your project?

Can I make use of your code in linux? Thanks!

No, you will have to use Video 4 Linux or some other APIs for capturing video.

I am not aware of any cross-platform video capturing API