Can h265 encoder support 12 camera?

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Hi, team,
I want encode 12 cameras using nvmedia_iep. And i notice instance ID only support 0~2 , so how to support 12cameras at same time ?

Hi, @wangxuhui1

Please share the code snippet about the instance ID so I can easily look into it. Thanks.

That’s hardware instances underneath. You can just use NVMEDIA_ENCODER_INSTANCE_AUTO, “2”. Please refer to NvMediaEncoderInstanceId.

hi @VickNV ,
yes i am using the api of nvmedia_iep

NvMediaIEP* NvMediaIEPCreate	(	const NvMediaDevice * 	device,
NvMediaIEPType 	encodeType,
const void * 	initParams,
NvMediaSurfaceType 	inputFormat,
uint8_t 	maxInputBuffering,
uint8_t 	maxOutputBuffering,
NvMediaEncoderInstanceId 	instanceId 

So does it support 12 cameras? Looks only support three instanceId at the same time. Any way can support 12 cameras?

Yes, you can follow Can h265 encoder support 12 camera? - #3 by VickNV to use auto one.

NVMEDIA_ENCODER_INSTANCE_AUTO: Specifies that the encoder instance ID can be set dynamically during encode.

@VickNV Oh, I see, thx

Hi @wangxuhui1 :
Did you successfully encode 12 cameras at the same time?
Thank you.

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