Can I add a Google Coral Accelerator into Jetson Nano's slot?

Just curious if it’s possible to a Coral Mini as a slave. Which interface does Jetson Nano expose, by the way? There seems to be a lot of variants.

Both the pci and usb versions work:

I think the second of your links is the right one for nano, but you should double check with the nano spec sheet.

Cool, I have found a datasheet provided by Sparkfun:

It says “M.2 Key E” under the I/O section, and I assume it corresponds to “Coral M.2 Accelerator A+E Key”?

Yes, that should be the one. I just double-checked and the specs on Nano say key E.

I don’t think they do… I have the dual edge TPU and regular m.2 accelerator both with key E. But do not run any of the coral examples.

you might be better off trying TensorRT than tensorflowLite
as the former is optimized for nvidia hardware

You’re 100% right, but it was a matter for testing the Coral M.2 modules. as very few SBC have a M.2 E key slot.

The Jetson Nano being one of them.