Can I add a key about exposure time to the sample_camera_multiple_gmsl?

I found that my gmsl camera exposure for a much long time, but when I add a key-value about exposure (for example, exposure_time ) to the parameter , it didn’t work. Is the key wrong? Or this is not support by the platform?


Hi Thumbler,
The sample is intended as a starting point for developing your custom application. It works with recorded data.

The sample doesn’t support an exposure_time parameter. But if you look at the sample implementation, you can see that it queries the sensor to determine the exposure time with this call:

dwSensorCamera_getImageProperties(&cameraImageProperties, DW_CAMERA_PROCESSED_IMAGE,

The call returns exposure time in the cameraImageProperties object.
The second argument (an input) specifies Output types supported by the camera. The other possible values for it are DW_CAMERA_RAW_IMAGE and DW_CAMERA_DATALINES.

Here are some possible actions you could pursue:

  • Verify that the sample specifies the correct output type for your camera.
  • Examine the data that the call returns.