Can i add hand pose in machinima?

I am using pose tracker in machinima. I want to add hand pose as well. Is there a way or anyone who still has wrnch capture stream for pc which i may download to use hands.

I am afraid that adding a hand pose to pose tracker captured motions is not possible with any easy tool.

Maybe you can keyframe the bones of your characters hand manually?
I use CC and iclone and they have nice tools for hand gestures, but is shall also bump in to this issue soon as I shall try motion capture suits with dancing girls…

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Hey @fzn.sf55 @pekka.varis Is the Hand pose feature in Pose tracker not working for you? Retargeting to hands is not part of the auto retargeting yet. If you go to retarget tool - and tag the fingers - you will be able to adjust the hand pose with the hand pose preset poses.

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