Can I allow users of my cloud computing environment to use NGC docker containers?

I am trying to figure out if we are allowed to enable users to run docker containers for commercial use on our own hosted cloud environment?


We can talk offline about your particular situation but let me outline the general licensing policy regarding use of the NGC containers.

First, the NGC Terms of Use ( ) gives registered NGC users a “non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license”. A registered NGC user can pull and run an NGC container anywhere they want - as long as it is for their own use. The license does not allow redistribution of the NGC containers.

So, in my understanding, the license permits a user of any cloud to pull and run an NGC container from the NGC container registry (whether or not NVIDIA supports that platform). However, the cloud owner is not allowed by the license to download NGC containers and cache them locally for their cloud users.

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