Can i animate hair with cc characters?

I can animate cc3 characters with Machinima. What about hair?

Do I have to make short haired people now, until we get some wind dynamics too blow hair naturally in Machinima? Are any workarounds for now?

There are no hair dynamics in Omniverse at this time but you could animate hair in another package and import it in as a cache.

Importing Maya Playblast animations

I’ve been testing skeletal animation in Blender with hair dynamics.

In Blender, there is an “Add-on” called Rigid Bodys Generator, which can be used to simulate physics with rigid bodies, such as hair.

After many tries, I get an animation with hair physics in a 3D model that is only 16MB. It’s only skeletal animation. I didn’t use baked meshes.

Although it is a good method, this method still has many cons:

  • The hair weight maps have to be done by hand step by step.
  • Hair bones will separate after using the “Rigid Bodys Generator” Add-on, making skeletal animation impossible to view on Nvidia Omniverse. (The skeletal animation in Nvidia Omniverse must preserve the bone hierarchy, otherwise it will not be visible.) Consequently, a replica of the same 3D model must be created, which must copy the rotation of each of the bones, which are more than 100.
  • Blender does not yet have support for .USD files. Therefore, the model must be exported to .FBX, then it must be converted to .USD with Omniverse Create, and finally, the animation must be placed by hand in the “Layers” window.

I hope this information has been helpful!


Hi @VanillaLake, I’ve brought your question up with the development team. You should receive a response soon!


Hello @VanillaLake! The development team has informed me that they are currently working on support for exporting skeletal animations from Blender to Omniverse USD.


Hey Wendy!
That is a great news :D

Hello @WendyGram ! That’s good news :)
I like that Omniverse has support for skeletal animations, and Blender’s support would make it easier to communicate with each other!
I will keep testing animations with Omniverse and sharing information with you

Thank you very much! :D


@VanillaLake i have been animating last few days all along in Machinima, lots of little issues but overall everything goes fine. I really hope they update soon the new Machinima ver and this blender connector of whatever it shall be :P

I hope we can continue this hair thing after that.

@VanillaLake now that blender support came. I bet you have it already…
I wait with a great passion how you proceed with your hair dynamics solution.

Hello @pekka.varis !
Sorry for the delay.
I tested the Blender Connector to export hair animations into a SkelAnimation layer, and the first results are promising! :D

Soon I will share here my solution to export a 3D model with hair physics in Omniverse with Blender Connector :D
Thank you all for your interest!

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Oh yes VanillaLake, that is so exiting to hear!
I shall use your solution right away with my next tutorial project “Firedance” coming soon :D

Motion capture dancer girls asked for long hair!!

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