Can I call nvdeepsort separately without using deepstream

Hi ,every one .

In my recent project, I implemented detection and tracking, but my tracking speed is very slow, with about 5 targets in 10-20ms. However, I did not have this problem when using NVDEPSort in Deepstream. Can I call the NVDEPSort API separately instead of using it through Deepstream?

The reason why I don’t use deepstream directly is that the docker image/container is too large and the memory of gstreamer/glib is unstable.

I look forward to your reply

Suggest to use nvtracker plugin. It is easy to integrate into your application.

Thank you for your reply

Is there a document or case of using nvtracker plugin separately? I only found Gst nvtracker.

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Suggest to use DeepStream pipeline as there is nvds metadata need to pass to nvtracker.

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