Can I check MIPI errors of a frame?

I need to make sure the frame data is not currupted by MIPI errors.

  1. If MIPI error is occurred, how can the VI device driver let the app(v4l2) know it?
  2. If there is no check point of MIPI errors in device driver, how can I do for this?

Thank you.

Enable the trace log for sensor bring up.

Thank you for the information.

The document shows me how to enable the debug message of CSI, ISP, or something else.
But I need to know how to handle these errors in DEVICE DRIVER.

For example,
I want to check if there was an CSI double ECC error after being return “nvhost_syncpt_wait_timeout_ext” of vi4_ops.c

You can check the TRM for the REG information like REG NVCSI_STREAM_0_INTR_STATUS_VC0_0/NVCSI_PHY_0_CILA_INTR_0_STATUS_CILA_0 and modify the vi4_fops.c to read it to check the status to do what you want.

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Okay thanks. :)

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