Can I configure PCIe lines

I am making custom carrier board for the Jetson AGX xavier module. I want to configure PCIe ports. In the module’s documentation, UPHY(8:9) PCIe lines appear as x2 lanes. However, I want to use UPHY(8:9) lines as x1 lane. Does Xavier support this? So UPHY(8:9) can i get two ethernet outputs from PCIe lines? eg:
UPHY8- ethernet controller 1 - 1G ethernet port
UPHY9- ethernet controller 2 - 1G ethernet port

Or UPHY(2:5) PCIe lines appear as x4 lane. Can I use x4 lanes (UPHY(2:5)) as 4 x1 lanes? Are these configurations possible?

Sorry, not possible. Only same configuration as devkit is supported.