Can I create a custom edge GPU for my used case?

Can I have a custom GPU for my used case?
Like, let’s say I want to deploy a solution which requires 50GB of VRAM at edge. Can I create an edge device for that?


If you wanted to do that I wouldn’t use a Jetson. The integrated GPU (iGPU) of a Jetson is wired directly to the memory controller, and does not use PCI, and so it shares memory with the system. System RAM is very limited compared to 50GB. In the case of desktop PC architecture (or anything using a discrete GPU, a dGPU, over PCI), 50GB would be difficult without multiple video cards. You’d end up using one of the specialty machine learning cards (and a lot of electrical power). If you really wanted to make this, and if you have a lot of bandwidth over the network, then you’d probably want to consider the cloud solutions. Do consider though that this much VRAM would typically be from training, and not from actual execution of a pre-trained network. This of course is all guessing, and if you are interested in some more specific answer, then perhaps a more detailed description of your requirements would allow more people to answer.

Okay, thanks for your help. I will choose a dGPU instead. So, is DeepStream compatible with RTX 30 series?
The documentation on this page: Quickstart Guide — DeepStream 5.1 Release documentation is saying that it only works with 2080.

If you could confirm that.
Other then that, how many RTSP cameras can I connect for inference on 30 series GPUs?

I think most all of the AI software is compatible with the RTX 30 series, but I couldn’t tell you for sure, especially on particular releases. Would someone else be able to verify if the latest RTX 30 series works with DeepStream 5.1? I’d hate to get that wrong and have you purchase on that if it isn’t correct.

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What about the number of RTSP or IP cameras it can support?

I can tell you a lot of people use RTSP and IP cameras, but I couldn’t tell you how many are supported. In terms of the gigabit wired network it would depend greatly on camera resolution and frame rate, but I wouldn’t expect the Jetson to support quite as much bandwidth as a PC with gigabit. Sorry, I don’t know enough about actual limits to give a better answer.