Can i customize tile display ?


I making pedestrian detecting system,

use two camera (front & rear (on excavator or forklift)).

I think deepstream-app’s tiled display is row,column type

  1. want to show the rear camera on the full screen,

and to show the front camera on the rear camera frame(PIP)

is possible ???

Image ->

  1. column or row merge possible ?

Image ->


I found this on the plugin manual nvmultistreamtiler documentation:

Custom tile position and resolution. Can be configured programmatically for all or none of the sources… Reserved for future use.

It looks like this property could solve your problem but it is not implemented yet.

I think what you want is possible using a tee, configuring a nvstreamdemux and then using nvcompositor to join the streams in a PiP.

custom-tile-config property is internal and cannot be configured by user as of now.

next release or future, can modifying tile layout ??

We’r checking internally to decide if we add this support in next release.

+1 for custom tile configs