Can I expand multipe gigabit ethernets for Jetson nano?

And how to do this?


Hi hujhcv, if you are using the devkit, you could try USB3 gigabit ethernet dongle, or see if you could find an M.2 Key-E gigabit ethernet module.

If you are using the module or a customized carrier, you could utilize the module’s PCIe connection to attach an ethernet NIC. Perhaps an ecosystem partner may eventually come out with a commercial carrier for Nano with such a feature integrated on their carrier board.

The problem with those is that you won’t fit the Ethernet port:

USB-3 is the only reasonable way I can find.

Some might have a low-profile header with wires to the RJ45 jack, or you could try an M.2 extender cable, or an M.2 riser which converts it into PCIe x1 slot:

However the signal integrity of these may play an issue, we haven’t tested them.

This would indeed be the most straightforward method when using the devkit.