Can I flash 2GB DevKit JetPack image on 4GB DevKit(TF)?

Hello Team

In my new Jetson Nano DevKit 4GB Module(TF) I flashed 2GB Jetpack 4.6 image which was downloaded from the NVIDIA Jetpack SDK official archive

It seems everything working fine. Thus, if I get any issue in future ? which Jetpack should I use for the 4GB DevKit ?

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The memory usage will be limited in 2GB is the major different.
You can find the 4GB Nano SD card image from Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

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sudo ./ jetson-nano-qspi-sd mmcblk0p1

The above command which I usually run to flash my abnormal behavior or not working Jetson nano 4GB DevKit’s to make it work. But which type of image does this "jetson-nano-qspi-sd" will flash ? 2GB DevKit image or the other one common Image ???

Flashed Version:

  1. L4T : 32.6.1
  2. JetPack : 4.6
  3. 2GB DevKit image ? common image ?



jetson-nano-qspi-sd is equivalent to jetson-nano-devkit, which you can tell from their symbolic links, and is for Jetson Nano 4GB.
For Jetson Nano 2GB, please use jetson-nano-2gb-devkit for flashing.

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Yeah Thanks for the reply Dave :)

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